Update: Scattered Thoughts Album (lyrics only)

You heard me playing around with the beats. Now hear me without them, but FOCUSED.



Thank you everyone for your support. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from ‘Biscuits And Yogurt Vol. 1’. I’m deleting the Ebook. 2 physical copies left. Get ready for the paperback edition of ‘The Train, The Park, The Wake’ and projects from Constantin, Slang, etc.


Man, thank you to everyone who supported my last project ‘Biscuits And Yogurt Vol. 1’. Here’s my new joint. ‘The Train, The Park, The Wake’. Its three short stories involving race, politics, and economics. Enjoy. My dude Constantin Project up next. Crazy man.

The Train, The Park, The Wake: http://ow.ly/wWSq0

The Train, The Park, The Wake

Pre-order ‘The Train, The Park, The Wake’. 1st ten people use the code mansu2014 to get a discount —>http://bit.ly/1h9Plrz

It’s fictional stories on race, hustling and economics. The paperback edition will follow. I’ll keep you posted on that. BTW, I have some new writers joining the fold: Constantin Douglas, Slangford Williams and Spiritual Renaissance. There projects are coming late Spring/early Summer 2014.